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A solid, reliable, and trustworthy electrical network is one of the strongest, most essential assets for any business. No matter what products or services that business offers, it will require a stable power connection to satisfy its demand.
The scheme is now over, but as a generator of power linked to the National Grid you are obliged to bring your system up to the level of G99/1-9 Engineering Recommendation. And if you have received a letter from your DNO warning you about this situation. Don’t worry we can bring your equipment up to the required level.

And we can help with that!

Here at Applecoat Ltd, we can help you make your generator(s) compliant with ALoMCP, and we cover all the UK, we will make the changes and supply you with a letter showing that your system is compliant with the latest requirements. This will give your DNO the proof they will be looking for, and they will stop any further action, which could lead to your SSEG being turned off.
Applecoat is a registered contractor to all Distribution Network Operators (DNO) throughout all UK regions. We help you carry out all the changes required for your generators to be ALoMCP compliant and provide you with free relay changes - creating a safer, more stable network to assure your users’ satisfaction.
Our expert team of engineers, led by Dave Pallas, one of the best in the business, will do the whole process from start to finish, with passion and dedication, using top-of-the-line protection relays which include Comap Mains Pro, ComapInteli Pro, Deep Sea, Megaconusing any of these protection relays gives the most reliable connectivity in the business… and we make sure that you don’t have to worry about any details!
We are open and welcoming to all kinds of Generators and SSEG (Small Scale Embedded Generation), including Turbines, Hydro, and Photovoltaic (PV) and battery backup systems. Our crew is experienced and of great knowledge about the ins and outs of all kinds of generation systems, so rest assured yours will be included!
The “free” ALOMCP scheme is now closed but Applecoat Ltd can supply you with a fixed quotation to have your protection relay or inverters upgraded and when we have done that we will supply a letter of compliance.

We also free you from doing the paperwork required, as we take care of it all ourselves.
Our work is tried and tested by well-known DNO witnesses and DNO engineers, which just goes to show that our services are the best in the business, and the most trust-worthy, and we do not use contractors we train all our own staff, this gives us a greater control over standards.

Don’t risk getting your generation system turned off!

Contact us now to update your system and get compliance asap!

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