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The home charging revolution is here - get on board

The perfect solution for supplying electricity to your electric vehicle
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We're here to help with EV charging point installations

We can offer advice on the latest EV charging points to get you started and give an unbiased assessment of whether you will be able to install the right system for your needs. Our team are trained electricians and have experience installing these systems, so they know what works best for your needs.
We pride ourselves in being a professional company that offers a high-quality service at affordable rates with no hidden costs or extras!
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Recharge with ease

It's never been easier for residents to live a greener, cleaner life. Thanks to our EV charger installation service, we make the process simpler than ever before - no unexpected costs or hassles.

Whether you need help accessing government grants or not is up to you; just tell us your requirements when requesting an install and we'll sort out everything else from there.

With today’s EV charging technology, you can:

  • Track and manage usage with robust access controls
  • Set variable pricing for different user groups
  • Monitor and manage charge points remotely
  • Maximise fleet efficiency with detailed driver and vehicle data and insights
  • Demonstrate green impact with reports on CO2 emission savings
  • Manage power demand on site with load balancing systems
  • Integrate charge point software with back office and finance systems
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Property Owners get in front of the curve

For property owners with Homes of multi-occupancy, blocks of flats and even Student accommodation, you can now gain both an income stream and get a massive selling point for your properties, by installing multiple Electric Vehicle Charge Points.

We will not only install the chargers, but we can also supply you with the control system software that not only allows different users access, but we can also programme the software so each user can have a different charging tariff, which can be controlled by you as the owner.

We will supply you with a full bespoke quotation which will cover things like, recommending which charging system would be most suited to the power supply you have at your premises, and we will also advise on the best layout and number of charge points.
And with the installation of our charging software, you can obtain the following benefits:

  • Revenue generating
    Make a margin on every EV charger that uses our software and take commission on all EV charging transactions.

  • Hardware agnostic
    Our software can be integrated with any EV charger. Integrate at the time of configuration, or retrospectively.
  • Load balancing
    Set the maximum amount of current to be distributed among the chargers in a group.
  • Load management
    Set the maximum electricity output of EV chargers at any time.
  • Remote control
    Remotely activate and deactivate individual EV chargers.
  • Status monitoring
    View the status of each EV charger in real-time.
  • Remote servicing
    With visibility of charger status, you can quickly identify outages and diagnose and solve problems. Plus, remotely adjust settings.
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Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme provides up to 75% of the cost for installing a new chargepoint. The main requirement is that you own, lease or order a qualifying vehicle and have dedicated off-street parking at your property. You can apply for 2 chargepoints if you have two vehicles which qualify.
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